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We offer practical, yet distinct products. Islamic products require halal and toyyiban - permissible and beneficial. Whilst the marketplace is full of ordinary things, we try to grace your needs with extra features, like our exclusive bismillah mugs for example. We find something that you need, then look again for its special features. That's how we go about things. Because we love the extra-ordinary. The simplest things, though, can be the most beneficial. And we love those too. Don't forget to follow Ummamart.com for your online shopping experience, and share what you've found.

It is a prerequisite to consume halal, or permissible,  products and services. On top of that, one that is often looked over in this time and age, is the quality of toyyiban in the goods that we eat, drink and use.  Toyyiban is safe, not harmful, and beneficial to our bodies and lives as a whole. We at UmmaMart.com strive to offer halal toyyiban. We source for these products, and promote them as we think they should be promoted. If you’re a manufacturer of islamic products or shariah-compliant products and services and would like to include your products and services wares on this site. Contact us.

If you’re our customer, and feel that there are inappropriate products or services on this site that do not quality as halal or toyyiban, we welcome your feedback. We source international products that can cross boundaries of the earth and get to you as fast as possible at the least possible cost. We love unique, out-of-the-ordinary products that are also practical. And we also love cheaper alternatives to overpriced branded items. We hope you can find more of these as you visit www.ummamart.com online store for your regular online shopping. Don’t forget to bookmark us, or  better still, imprint us in your memory.


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The material that is the gift of the Divine enlightens the soul, feeds the spirit and a bounty to be shared.